"The ultimate multimedia lounge performer..." Detour

"Even without the virtual band he's still got an original act. My father would have noticed something different. That's for sure. And if I have anything to say about it he's going to really make it." Allen Gershwin, Composer, son of George Gershwin

"Elvis's songs are really touching and beautiful, like 'Whoever Said You Were Gone,' which should be in a movie. And they are hilarious, like 'Charlene,' about a topless dancer turned drug dealer turned hairdresser. Once you see the show you're hooked." Chris Peacock, Director, This is Elvis Sinatra

"As Elvis Sinatra, Mr. Leonard's gray shoulder-length hair and black hardshell glasses make him look like Woody Allen with a case of the good vibes." Seth Kaufman, New York Observer

"The melodies are original, but they instantly sound familiar, leaving you with the feeling that you've heard them somewhere before. There's also some great lyrics - sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but never predictable or cliche. It's curiously likeable and memorable." Dave Hughes, www.allaboutjazz.com

"(4 1/2 stars) ...The general presence of East Village Vegas provides a lounge of swinging jazz and sophisticated Rat Pack swank, but what separates Elvis Sinatra from the Chairman of the Board is [his] offbeat sense of humor. Without an ounce seriousness, Leonard conjures up images of his concert performances, perhaps singing with a mic and cigarette in one hand and a martini in the other." Mike DaRonco, All-Music Guide