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Sandra Seymour

Accordion, Vocals, Live Vocals

she came from a deadly burb, and survived with her dancing feet; her Dad’s bittersweet music put her to sleep--this was the inspiration she took along on a very young escape to New York;

lucky to have stumbled/studied modern dance with the ultimate philosopher/genius of multi-dimensional Dance-Theater himself, Alwin Nikolais, she immersedŠand emergedŠ

onŠ to the beginnings of the Downtown art world:

  (when she could park her old ’66 Mustang all day on Mercer, to rehearse in a desolate, factory-only Soho.)

     performing in many dance works;

then onto...

     everyman/../ART/exploration sculpture pieces in: The Real Estate Show, Early ABC No Rio, The Times Square Show, The Coney Island Show.

meanwhile, back to music...

where she embraced Nikolais’s philosophy and her musical ghosts and collaborated in various bands (most notably Bite Like a Kitty) playing guitar, bass, vocals and performing at such early venues as The Mudd Club, Limbo Lounge, 8BC, Pyramid, Danceteria, Cat Club, Peppermint Lounge, The Kitchen... and eventually touring in Europe. Bite Like a Kitty then released an album, which she coproduced.

she created sound pieces (on Tellus, the audio magazine), sound installations, and art video sound designs for Antonio Muntadas and Caterina Borelli.

she worked collaboratively with Martin Bisi as multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and co-producer on four CDs; performed with Wayne and Sylvie in their many “Happenings” at the Kitchen, until...

more ghosts brought her to Elvis Sinatra; singing, performing, playing accordion; and from where she springs to...

“LuvUnLuv”--her developing Accordion Tent/Installation performance piece with Vintage Sentiments of Life.

and...she’s still tapping her feet.

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