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George Leonard

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George Leonard is a consummate performer. Ever since his early work, the Bozo Rock Opera, George has combined his love of music with his sardonic view of the human condition to create truly unusual performance pieces.

In the late seventies George departed from the music scene to become “Commander Video: Space Man” in his Manhattan Cable show of the same name. George and Libie Alone produced the show.

After spending several years running the dry cleaning establishment he inherited, George decided to return to the entertainment business and created Elvis Sinatra. He recruited a group of local Providence RI musicians to play his music. When George decided it was time to perform publicly he discovered that the band didn’t want to travel. Hence was born George’s virtual band.

For the past four years George has regularly been performing his Elvis Sinatra act at Detour, an intimate jazz club in New York’s East Village. George has also performed at Wetlands, Fez, The Kitkat Club, and with Philip Glass at a benefit concert.

When asked why he chose the name Elvis Sinatra, George replied, “Well, It’s about a clash of generations.... Also, who’d want to go see George Leonard?” He then grinned and added, “You might want to tell the public that Elvis Sinatra was around before Marilyn Manson.”

To contact George email or call (212) 861 5421 or (401) 272 8526.

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