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Chris Peacock

Director, Editor

Chris Peacock is a film and television producer and director working in New York City. He recently finished "Out of Sight," a documentary for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art on relationships between science and art. He also produces for the Entertainment Channel, directs music videos, and writes screenplays.

He first caught the Elvis Sinatra show while casting for his narrative film Hard Road, a comedy about rock stars. In the film George Leonard plays “Billy Saint,” an over-the-hill--and over-the-top--rocker. After completing Hard Road Chris says he became "possessed" with making a documentary about this "strange and talented individual."

The result, This Is Elvis Sinatra!, won the prize for best documentary at New York's Lower East Side Film Festival in May, 1999.

Chris is currently working on the hour-long version of This Is Elvis Sinatra!

To contact Chris email or call (212) 726-8589.

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